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Our Partners

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Our Observers

Fukui Prefecture


Shibuya City


Kashima City


 Mie Prefecture


Kaga City


City of Yokohama

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The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Partner's Voice

One of our company's guiding principle is "community focus". In order to contribute to the development (CSV) and to the promotion of DX for the 340 local public entities with which we have cooperation agreements, we decided to continue our participation in SmartCityX. Having "CSV x DX" as our keywords, we will contribute to resolve issues in local communities from the consumer's perspective and with an issue-driven mindset. Furthermore, we will take on the challenge of creating unconventional and unique values.


Yasuhiro Koizumi

Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co.,Ltd.

Corporate Planning Department, Head of the Project Management Group and General Manager

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